Artifacticians Misadventure

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Enter a world of magical beauty, unlike anything you’ve ever seen… 

In a forest of magic and mystery, a young fawn named Ora lives in harmony with her beautiful surroundings. But Ora has a special dream. She longs to become a skilled Artifactician, and recover mystical artifacts scattered across the forest. Having freshly entered the ranks of the Artifactician’s Guild, she hopes to climb the ranks and add the light of understanding through the world...

But Ora soon finds herself swept up in a mystery, when her collection of artifacts guides her to a series of strange and baffling discoveries… a burning feather, a giant egg, and a lost spirit. As Ora investigates this new mystery, she soon reveals that this wandering soul is the essence of a painfully misguided Master Artifactician. 

As Ora follows his trail of burning feathers, she realizes that an innocent life hangs in the balance. And unless she can heal this lost soul and help it find peace, her friends in the forest could suffer its wrath… 

Told through a series of stunning paintings and colorful art, Artifacticians Misadventure is a visual glimpse into a world of fantasy, mystery, and beauty. The magical characters and fascinating world of this unique graphic novel will captivate readers of all ages. 

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