Tigerbutter front cover
“Tigerbutter” ROAAARRRRS to life with the energetic storytelling of an enthusiastic parent or grandparent, captivating and engaging children with every turn, as they follow the perilous jungle jaunt of a clever, young hero.
Written with playful repetition, children quickly follow along, and acts as a great way to bond with little ones while building their vocabulary and a love of reading together.
Featuring 48, 8“ x 10” pages of expressively drawn, vibrantly painted illustrations, bouncy rhythm and a story that puts family first over vanity, “Tigerbutter” is an excellent addition to any library or collection.
Tigerbutter is now available on Amazon, softcover, and Blurb, hardcover.
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SOFTCOVER Edition - $23.86 on Amazon
HARDCOVER Edition  - $39.39 on Blurb
This HARDCOVER edition can hold up to many retellings and love from little hands for years to come.
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